Another blockbuster Boulder International Film Festival

The 7th annual Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF) was a hit, attracting award-winning films, world-renowned filmmakers and a record-breaking number of film-loving attendees. Congratulations to executive director Robin Beeck and director Kathy Beeck for running an amazing event. BIFF has made quite a name for itself – one of the 25 coolest film festivals in the world, according to MovieMaker magazine – and our whole community benefits.

We’d like to think we’ve had a small hand in its success. The Camera has partnered with the Festival every year, producing and distributing its event guide and marketing the event.

“Thanks so much for all you do,” wrote Kathy Beeck. “BIFF 2011 was a great success thanks to your continuing contributions helping us grow each year!”

 The Boulder International Film Festival is one of the more than 120 local organizations we are honored to sponsor every year. The fact that this one happens to attract celebrities to our fair city is icing on the cake. We were there for year one, and we’re looking forward to another amazing partnership and event in year eight.

Mark your calendar now for the 2012 Festival on President’s Day weekend. You’ll find all the information you need in the Camera and at

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One Response to Another blockbuster Boulder International Film Festival

  1. mommyceo says:

    I think I read somewhere that BIFF is the only film festival to sponsor a free venue (the "Call to Action" tent on the Pearl Street Mall) so that film makers can speak about their causes in person, and to allow movie goers to get involved in topics that touch them. Boulderites are eager to help and do more for the world.

    BIFF has the only Digital Media Conference too (the DiME). BIFF has garnered a reputation for being a perfect beta site for tech companies who want to try out new innovations on a tech-saavy crowd. Boulder is definitely that!

    Oh, and BIFF also shows great movies, like The Troubadours, and Water for Elephants, and 127 Hours.

    Thanks to be Beeck family for creating this outstanding event in our town, and to all the great sponsors, like the Camera, who make it possible. BIFF enriches Boulder in many, many ways.