Halloween spending expected to hit all-time high in 2016

Halloween continues to be one of the fastest-growing consumer holidays. According to the National Retail Federation, total spending for Halloween this year is expected to hit an average of $82.93 per person, with total spending reaching $8.4 billion. That’s an all-time high for this survey, and represents a whole lotta candy corn, cupcakes and costumes!
And this in a year when Halloween takes place on a Monday, no less.
More costumes than ever will be flying off the shelves as Americans gear up to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year.
Many people are turning to social media for costume ideas, the NSF also reported.
Advertisers, if you offer any Halloween related products or services, our Friday Mag and A&E Spotlight Fall and Halloween editions are scarily good ways to get the word out.
We are the top community sources for local news and advertising, with plenty of
Halloween-themed ad opportunities available.
Call your advertising representative today at 303.473.1400 to reserve your advertising.

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Veterans Speak publication gives local veterans a voice

More than five percent of Boulder County residents are military veterans. These are the men and women – our neighbors and friends– who have personally sacrificed to serve in our country’s military.
Many veterans continue to pay a price even as they return to civilian life. Their physical and emotional wounds can endure for decades. Thankfully, there are more resources to serve these people today than in the past.
Veterans Speak was formed in 2014 as a non-profit organization to help veterans share their stories with the public, and with each other.
On Sunday, Nov. 6, the Daily Camera and the Times-Call will publish a special section to create awareness for and about local military veterans in Boulder and Broomfield counties. The focus here is on the people, not the politics.
Join us as we help create a sense of pride for our local veterans. We will share their insights and encourage local businesses to acknowledge and celebrate their veteran employees throughout their company – and with their customers.
Your business can stand tall alongside our local veterans.
Reserve your space today in this important publication by calling 303.473.1400.

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Mobile is how things get done now, says Google

Mobile is now the “go-to” device for consumers who are researching a product or service. These mobile users are moving through the purchase funnel (research to purchase) relatively fast. They on task and looking for solutions. Google calls these actions “micromoments.” These are the times when you want to buy, go, know  or do something.
Search engines are the most common starting point for mobile research, according to Google Think Insights.
Forty-eight percent of people start their mobile search on search engines. This number jumps to 82 percent when the search is for a local business.
According to another Google study this month, 92% of people who researched on a mobile device made a related purchase within a day of the search. The study also showed that two-thirds of mobile users used their smartphones to make or research future plans or purchases.
As a merchant, you want to get noticed by these folks.
Our online marketing experts can help. Call 303.473.1400 to boost your business to mobile users.

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Advertisers say Greenlight coupons are “a brilliant idea”

Our monthly GreenLight coupon package is a powerful way to grow your sales and turn occasional customers into frequent shoppers. Greenlight coupons are ready to use however your customers want: print, digital, and optimized for mobile.
We’ve been hearing a lot of great comments from our Greenlight advertisers. Here are just a few:
“We get steady calls off our coupon book ad. I’m happy to recommend this product,” says Mitch Chesney, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard.
“We are very pleased with our response from the coupon book. It helps us compete and brings in new customers,” reports Pam Stathis, manager of Perkins Restaurant.
“We decided to advertise in the coupon book in our off season… what a brilliant idea. We have had an increase in sales by more than 8 percent,” says Paula and Mark Scheil, Inn on Fall River in Estes Park.
GreenLight coupon books are distributed monthly to three market zones. You can target your audience, or cover the market in all three zones across Boulder County.
Reserve your spot in the September edition of GreenLight coupons by calling 303.473.1400

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It turns out, most politics really are local

The election season is upon us, and the conversation has begun. If you are involved with any kind of political or cause-based promotion, you want to have a place at this table.
Here’s a thought: We’re taking part in a national election, but most of the voting on our ballots will pertain to local candidates or initiatives. It’s true: politics really are local.
Eighty-six percent of voters who cast ballots in the last local election got their news and information  about candidates and initiatives from local news media.
Our readers are active, thoughtful citizens who contribute to our community. They have a strong interest in our government on a local, regional and national level. These are the influential people you want to reach the most at election time.
The Camera is your one-stop marketing headquarters to help you reach your constituency in print, mail and online. We offer full-service, traditional direct mail; behavioral and geo-targeted digital advertising and opt-in e-mail marketing. The Camera delivers thousands of registered voters in Boulder and Broomfield counties, targeted by zip, gender, age, household income and more.
We are your local, full-service digital, print and mail agency. Call 303.473.1400.

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Two thirds of households say they have a family pet

Pet owners can get a bit partisan about their companion animals. More than 54 percent of reporting households in a recent survey are dog owners. Cat owners (really, do we ever own a cat?) came in at 42.9 percent, followed by fish fanciers (13.6 percent) and bird lovers (6.1 percent).
But what these pet owners have in common is that they are a mobilized bunch. 74 percent own a smartphone (versus 64 percent among the petless) and half use some kind of mobile app.
A few other findings:
• The majority of last year’s new pet owners are millennials.
• Two-thirds of households said that they have a least one pet in the family.
• One-in-three owners purchase pet products online.
Don’t spend your ad dollars barking up the wrong tree! Let us promote your pet-related business with our performance-driven ad solutions. We will help you get noticed first and stay top-of-mind among qualified pet owners when they are looking for your product or service.
Call 303.473.1400 to speak to one of our friendly ad consultants about performance-driven advertising.

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate hard work

For most of us, today is about taking time away from our labors: relaxing with family and friends, going on that one last camping trip before fall starts in earnest, or hitting up holiday sales.
But before we fire up the grill, pull on our hiking boots or head to the store, let’s take a moment to appreciate what this day is all about.
Labor Day is a national tribute to the contributions of the American worker. You know, the roads we drive on, the homes we live in, or the customer service folks who aren’t taking today off.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my hard-working team, who go above and beyond the call of duty every day. They make it happen around here.
We are fortunate to be surrounded by countless dedicated, industrious people. Today is the day to let our neighbors know we appreciate their efforts.
Wherever your travels take you, I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day.

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The power of words: It takes real people to tell a real story

Like most businesses today, publishing relies on technology to get the job done. But it still takes real people to provide knowledgeable, personal service. And when it comes to customer commitment, we have some of the “realest” people around.
I recently heard from Mara Lehnert, who is the executive director of three addiction recovery services. She wanted to share her experience working with one of our talented ad sales consultants, Dale Sekuler.
“I have been a CEO most of my adult life, and have worked with hundreds of people in all sorts of customer service roles,” Lehnert says. “Dale has been outstanding in all respects – her follow up, positive attitude, energy, compassion, attention to detail, creativity and ideas… I could go on and on.”
“Mara wanted to get her story and her addiction centers in front of our Boulder audience,” Sekuler explains. “I suggested that we write an advertorial for her. Working with editor Greg Stone and writer Rhema Zlaten, we published her story in the Daily Camera, Times-Call and Colorado Hometown Weekly. She has had an excellent response and already received more than 20 inquiries.”
Thank you, Mara, for sharing your story with us. And thank you to Dale, and everyone here who works hard to deliver our news products, seven days a week.

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Google Ad Grants help non-profit groups connect

Today’s 501(c)(3) groups are using the same marketing practices as successful commercial enterprises to make an impact.
Here is a powerful way to connect with like-minded individuals for fundraising, membership drives and more. It’s called Google Ad Grants, and it works very much like Google’s AdWords search marketing for businesses.
Qualifying non-profits receive $10,000 per month in in-kind advertising. You can use your ads to promote your mission and events, recruit volunteers and build brand awareness.
Our digital team can help you use Google Ad Grants effectively. We will manage your campaigns so that you can focus your time and energy where it is most effective – back into your organization. We provide the digital expertise, so you don’t have to.
Would you like to find out if your organization can qualify for a Google Ad Grant? We’d love to talk to you about this great opportunity.
Call 303.473.1400 to learn more.

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At Home Realtor Profiles promote agents to 84,000 adults

If you are a local Realtor, you have likely seen (or perhaps appeared in) At Home Colorado. Our weekly real estate section presents engaging content about homes, from buying and selling to improvement, landscaping and design. Now you have a chance to be seen in the magazine, with At Home Realtor Profiles.
• Your profile will appear at AgentProfileatAtHomeColorado.com.
• You will receive a monthly 2×2 print ad and a monthly post in the feed on At Home Colorado’s Facebook page.
• Your digital ad rotates daily with other featured Realtors and links to your profile on AtHomeColorado.com.
At Home is featured online at AtHomeColorado.com and has two print zones. The Boulder/Longmont zone publishes in the Friday Daily Camera and Saturday Times-Call, reaching 84,000 local adults each week. The Loveland zone publishes in the Saturday Reporter-Herald and Fort Collins zone of the Sunday Reporter-Herald, delivering 43,400 weekly impressions.
This high-visibility, targeted marketing package is available to Realtor ad partners for just $50 per month. This is an amazing value.
To reserve your space, contact Toni McNeill at 303.473.1452.

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