Locally Owned helps keep consumer dollars right here

There are hundreds of specialty retail stores in Boulder County. Many are independent, locally owned businesses, every bit as competitive as larger chain stores.
Consumers welcome locally owned businesses that add to their shopping options. And they understand the difference that shopping locally for their goods and services makes. Every dollar spent right here adds to our local tax base and sustains employment opportunities. Simply said, “What goes around, comes around.”
For instance, 93 percent of consumers believe it’s important to support local businesses, and 73 percent consciously shop at small businesses because they don’t want them to disappear. 89 percent say that small businesses play an important role in our local economic well-being.
Locally Owned advertising pages help you welcome local-thinking customers to your business. Locally Owned publishes Monday in the Daily Camera and features a rotating spotlight of participating local businesses.
Rebecca Feldman at Advantage Electrolysis says, “This is the best ad for bringing in a constant stream of new clients. Thank you so much.” Well, thank you, Rebecca, for your faith in the Camera’s advertising!
Call us at 303.473.1400. It’s a local call, of course!

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Native ads: Relevant information drives brand connections

Have you heard the term native advertising? That’s a type of paid media where the advertising is created to  complement the “feel” and tone of the publication in which it is placed. Native advertising can be found in printed publications, web sites, mobile apps and more.
This targeted content can provide consumers with relevant, useful information while building a connection with your brand. It’s a successful way of circumventing ad clutter and driving traffic (and sales) for advertisers.
Instead of your branding message appearing inside a “box,” it is integrated within the news content as a supplemental voice. While native advertising must be identified as paid content, it can be a truly viable source for accurate and useful consumer information.
Studies are also showing a significant lift in ad efficiency when native advertising is shared on social media.
Our creative services team can help you craft compelling native content, and then distribute it to your targeted customers and prospects on our network of web sites and newspapers.
We’d love to talk to you about putting the power of native advertising to work for your business. Call 303.473.1400 to speak to a friendly advertising representative.

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Boulder County Gold is a winning proposition

Here’s a golden opportunity for local businesses.
Boulder County Gold, our annual Daily Camera People’s Choice Awards, is getting ready to recognize the people, places and things that make Boulder County a wonderful place to live, work and play.
These awards are now in their 17th year and remain our market’s most prestigious and popular people’s choice award. As an advertiser, you know you’re in winning company!
This is your chance to build frequency, with your ad on an in-paper ballot for five days, as well as on a targeted online ballot for a full 12 days. You’ll also pump up your reach when your ad also appears in the Boulder County Gold keepsake edition.
Boulder County Gold categories will publish on three separate targeted ballots, Eats, Drinks & Entertainment, Services, Faces & Places and Shopper’s Paradise.
You can choose from several personalized ad packages, which include social and digital display marketing through the voting period. Our new online Winners Edition (mobile ready) adds extra SEO and social sharing features, too.
Everyone loves a winner! Call 303.473.1400 now to learn more about your ad in Boulder County Gold 2016.

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Let our advertising team heat up your HVAC marketing

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems help keep our home interiors comfortable and safe through every season. Consumer demand for HVAC products and services are expected to grow by seven percent a year through 2019.
Are you in the HVAC business? We can help you capture your share of this growing business by delivering your advertising messages to customers at every stage of their purchase journey.
We’ll help you stay top-of-mind with your target audience when they are the most receptive to your offer.
The consumer path to purchase can include organic search, email marketing, paid search, native content and display ads. Each of these platforms have demonstrated success when used at the most effective stage through the decision making process.
Be sure your HVAC company is at the front of the line when your customers are searching! Our digital marketing team can help you reach your prime customers online when their interest is the highest. Call 303.473.1400 to learn more.
I ask you… how cool is that?

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Impact of newspapers on social media is growing

When newspapers “went digital” way back in the ’90s, all they needed was a web site. As mobile devices became a top source for traffic, papers developed apps to deliver their content. Now, online newspaper content has grown beyond these delivery channels. The fact is, newspaper content is now a significant source of the information that shows up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and news feeds.
The Newspaper Association of America reports that newspapers using social media are boosting their daily readership. Newspaper content is 50 percent more likely to be re-tweeted than all other local media, including local television, radio and cable TV.
Half of adult Twitter users read a print newspaper during an average week. Seventy-seven percent of adults follow news story links on social media.
Why is this? Because people value the legacy of newspaper journalism. Consumers give newspapers their highest level of trust among media audiences.
Call 303.473.1400 to learn how you can connect with these loyal readers and customers.

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The Rule of Seven, served six different ways

You may have heard of a marketing adage called the Rule of Seven. It’s the idea that the average consumer needs to see your advertising message seven times before they will act on your offer.
In reality, it takes more than just simple repetition. The most successful campaigns reach their prospects in many different ways through their journey to purchase.
The Camera and its family of newspapers offer six proven ways to reach out and connect with your customers.  It’s a powerful toolbox that includes:
• Local news advertising
• Programmatic audience targeting
• Search marketing
• Social media
• Email
• Content marketing
Let us put our expertise – and technology – to work for you. We will help you solve your complex marketing challenges with a custom, performance-driven set of solutions.
From Day One, your campaigns will be collecting actionable data about your marketing. You’ll learn what consumers are responding to, and where to spend your ad dollars for top ROI.
The first step? Call our online marketing team at 303.473.1400.

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Being there: It’s the start of a great relationship

Smartphone users are expected to exceed 200 million users this year. We depend on our smartphones in so many ways throughout a typical day. Google has identified four new “moments” that marketers can use to capitalize on consumer interest. These four moments are:

I Want to Know: 66 percent of smartphone users use their phones to look up something they saw in a TV ad.

I Want to Go: 82 percent use their phones to look up local business. There’s been a big jump in searches that include the words “near me.”

I Want to Do: More than 90 percent turn to their phones during an activity for ideas or information.

I Want to Buy: More than 80 percent of smartphone users consult their phones from inside a store while making their purchase decisions.

If you’re a retailer or service provider, it’s more important than ever that you have a mobile friendly web site that engages your customers before they come through your front door. When they come looking, you have to be there. Our online marketing experts can help you build your online presence and bring customers to your web pages. Call 303.473.1400 to get started.

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Responder email campaigns measure your results

Email is still one of the most effective ways for businesses to connect with their customers through personalized messages and special offers.
But you don’t want to send out your emails and just hope for the best. And you don’t have to! Our digital team can actually help you measure the response your emails receive.
Our responder email campaigns are an effective way to reach out to your targeted customer base and grow your traffic with promotions or offers that really get results.
These emails are sent only to adult consumers who have consented to receive them for the information and offers they contain. You can select from over 275 lifestyle, psychographic and demographic filters to create a database that matches your business category and marketing strategy. Do you want to reach our newly engaged readers… or newly divorced? Working professionals… or new grandparents? You get the picture.
You’ll receive a report of your campaign’s results, along with the names and mailing addresses of all individuals who opened your email.
These emails garner an average open rate from 10 to 22 percent and an average click-through rate of three percent.  Call 303.473.1400 to learn more.

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It’s an appetizing market for restaurant owners

When was the last time you ate at a restaurant? Chances are, it was very recently.
The National Restaurant Association reports we are now spending more on dining out than buying groceries. Daily sales reportedly reached $1.9 billion last year.
Most of us have a favorite restaurant. But as the frequency of dining out increases, we develop a taste for a wider menu to meet our culinary whims.
Over forty percent of diners go online to research a new restaurant, view menus or make a reservation. Twenty-three percent say they order takeout on their mobile device. Eight-in-ten include a type of cuisine in their search.
Targeted print ads play their part, too. People look to publications like our Friday Magazine when they are making their weekend plans. These plans often include at least one out-of-home dining visit.
Restaurant owners, we can help you connect with hungry customers online and in print. We’ll help you reach frequent diners who match your brand profile, wherever they are engaged.
Call 303.473.1400 to speak to your advertising consultant.

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High-dollar streaming fans watch, shop and buy online

Here’s an entertaining fact: We spent more on entertainment last year ($2,728) than gas ($2,468) or clothing ($1,786). Consumers streamed and downloaded more digital entertainment in 2015 than ever before. Obviously, music, videos, games and such are pretty high priority to most people.
Entertainment fans are living online today, on laptops, tablets and their smartphones – even when they are shopping for tickets to live events. In fact, two out of three live event tickets sold last year were purchased online. Standing in line is so old school!
Our digital marketing services can help you reach these customers while they are watching TV, scrolling through web sites or catching up on their email. We’ll deliver your advertising message to active entertainment consumers of every type, across any device.
Our boosted retargeting and custom audience modeling strategies will help you connect your brand with the coveted most-likely-to-purchase crowd. Ongoing measurement of your campaigns will help you fine tune your results and gain useful insights into your very own customer base.
Call our digital marketing consultants at 303.473.1400. We will help you chart your digital roadmap to success!

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