Newspapers land on 1000s of digital driveways, every day

You know what Realtors say about location, right? Well, in the online world, “mobile” is where the action is right now. Mobile, mobile, mobile.
This has been very good news for newspaper media. In August 2015, newspaper digital content reached 179 million adults, having grown from 164 million in just one year. Half of these readers are accessing news sites from a mobile device (this audience also grew by 42 percent in one year). We’re delivering the “paper” to a whole lot of digital driveways, every day.
A sustained increase in the use of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, has vastly broadened the reach of newspaper digital media. Locally, that means that the Camera’s web sites, plus the web sites of all our sister publications, allows us to deliver daily news and advertising to a much larger audience than ever before.
If you are an advertiser, we’d love to talk to you about how you can effectively connect online with your customers (and tomorrow’s customers).
Call 303.473.1400 to speak to a friendly, local digital advertising expert.

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Earth Day is prime time for eco-friendly advertising

Earth Day takes place on Friday, April 22, – less than two weeks away.
Since the first Earth Day in 1970, citizens have organized and volunteered to collect garbage, plant trees, clean up coral reefs, show movies, sign petitions and plan for a better future for our planet.
If you are an advertiser, now is a good time to let your customers know about your eco-friendly products and practices, and perhaps include an inspirational message or Earth Day greeting for the occasion.
Do you offer hybrid vehicles, bikes, solar panels, gardening, outdoor recreation or eco-tourism?  It’s top-of-mind time.
The Camera is your one-stop multimedia solution for all your marketing needs. Our large family of print and online products are just right for reaching your customers efficiently and affordably. Print, online, mobile, social, search, e-mail – we deliver the whole package, plus local market expertise.
Call 303.473.1400 to speak with us about advertising opportunities for Earth Day, and every day.

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Flatirons Tour guide gets the attention of 1000s of home fans

Plans are underway for the Spring 2016 Flatirons Tour of Homes, which will be presented over two weekends, on May 7-8 and 14-15.
Thousands of potential homebuyers are expected to attend. They will be dreaming about which home to buy, as well as how to furnish, decorate, remodel, landscape and secure their dream home.
The official Flatirons Tour of Homes guide will publish inside the Daily Camera, Longmont Times-Call and Denver Post (Boulder/Broomfield County zones) on Sunday, May 1.
This glossy color magazine is a prime showcase for homebuilders, Realtors and any home-related retailers (furniture, windows, fabrics, lighting, nurseries) as well as service providers (security systems, insurance, financial planning, housekeeping, landscaping, painting).
More than 48,000 copies of the guide will be distributed to readers and strategic locations, including participating show homes, builder offices and retailers, and featured online for a full year at,,, and
Put your message in front of your best audience with the Tour of Homes magazine. The deadline to reserve your ad space is Thursday, April 14. Call 303.473.1400 today.

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Email marketing: Effective, but customer trust comes first

Direct, opt-in emails are a super effective way for business owners to communicate with their established customers.
This isn’t the spammy kind of email. Your customers have intentionally chosen to provide you with their email address in order to receive news and special offers. In turn, you don’t send too many emails or share their information with third parties. That’s email, done right.
And speaking of email done right… do you know about the Camera’s responder email program? It’s an effective way to reach out to your targeted customer base and grow your traffic with promotions that really get noticed.
These emails are sent only to adult consumers who have consented to receive them for the information and offers they contain. You can select from over 275 lifestyle, psychographic and demographic filters to create a database that matches your business category and marketing strategy. Do you want to reach our newly engaged readers… or newly divorced? Working professionals… or new grandparents? You get the picture.
You’ll receive a campaign results report with email addresses of all individuals who opened your email. Want to learn more about responder emails? Call 303.473.1400. Let’s talk.

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Reach outdoor fans with the Camera’s Outdoor Style page

The weekend forecast looks mild and mostly sunny. Patio Daddios will be rolling out their grills and setting up the deck chairs. It’s official: the outdoor season has begun. And when it comes to the outdoor retail market, it’s as huge as the great outdoors.
Casual Living recently reported that the outdoor market racked up retail sales of almost $7 billion in 2015 (up 4.5% over 2014). Grill sales alone are forecast to grow by 20 percent over the next five years, according to Furniture Today.
Does your business cater to the outdoors lifestyle? Reach active consumers with the Camera’s Outdoor Style page, which publishes every Saturday (through June) in the highly-read Local section.
The Outdoor Style page is perfect placement to promote your landscaping, garden centers, lawn care services, outdoor furniture and barbeques, hardware stores… any product or service for the outdoors.
As an advertiser, you can also submit a Tip of the Week, a special shout out to your expertise. Reserve your ad space by Thursday for following Saturday publication by calling 303.473.1400. All ads include free full color.

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When it comes to the media… who do you trust?

Media plays a huge part in our daily lives. In the broadest sense, “media” includes everything from your favorite sports app to your daily newspaper. But of course, not all media are the same.
When in comes to believability and trust, advertising in newspapers is considered the most believable and trustworthy. If you are an advertiser, newspapers are the marketing channel you can count on.
Newspapers are the leading consumer source for coupons. Seven-in-ten adults use newspaper-delivered coupons.
Print and online newspaper media are used by 57 percent of adults weekly for planning their shopping and making purchasing decisions.
These adults are by and large upscale consumers. Seventy-five percent of household with incomes of $250,000 or more regularly read newspaper content.
Let us be your trusted media group to promote your brand and special offers. Call 303.473.1400 to speak to a friendly ad consultant.

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Longmont Magazine has new look, now publishes 6x year

4-6-2016 11-53-50 AM    The summer edition of Longmont Magazine will be sporting a new look when it comes out on May 15. The lifestyle magazine, published by the Longmont Times-Call, has always delivered impactful stories about the people and events that energize Longmont. It keeps readers ahead of the curve on what’s going on in their hometown. That won’t change.
We have redesigned Longmont Magazine from cover to cover with a new look, updated features and just a touch of sass to make things lively.
Plus, Longmont Magazine will now publish six times annually!
A new e-magazine edition will make reading the product from a tablet or computer easy and engaging.
That’s good news for readers, and it’s good news for Longmont area advertisers, too. With rich local content and more than 180 distribution outlets, Longmont Magazine is like a direct pipeline to your local consumers.
We’ll promote the digital feature for a full 60 days on the Longmont Times-Call desktop and mobile sites and on its own social sites plus the sister newspapers in Boulder, Broomfield and Larimer counties.
Call 303.776.2244 by Fri., April 15 to reserve your ad in the new Longmont Magazine.

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Our ad partners help us be the No. 1 local news source

One of our longtime advertising partners, Specialty Appliance, has moved recently from Boulder to their new “show kitchen” location in Louisville. They are celebrating with a drawing for four $100 gift cards to their store, plus a grand prize new Bosch dishwasher.
I thought I’d help spread the word about the contest drawings (you should enter!) and say a word about partners like Specialty Appliance.
First, the contest: Drawings for the gift cards will be held twice in April and May. The grand prize dishwasher drawing will be held on Weds., June 1. You can find contest rules and enter for the drawings on Specialty Appliance’s Facebook page (
The Camera’s ability to be the No. 1 resource for local news is driven in great part by support from advertising partners like Specialty Appliance. Each of our advertisers, no matter the size of their business or budget, is a big deal to us. We value the trust these people place in us, and we work hard to serve them with the best print and online media products available.
Want to be a partner? Give us a call at 303.473.1400.

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The Camera is 125 years old, and still going strong

We’re in the mood for birthday cake today. It’s the Camera’s 125th birthday!
The Camera became a daily newspaper on March 17, 1891. The Camera name was chosen because our founders envisioned a publication with more illustrations than most newspapers of that time.
We’ve been honing the vision and changing to fit the needs of our community ever since. The Camera started as a morning daily, changed to an afternoon paper in 1893, and hit our stride as a morning daily again in 1981. The Camera was one of the first local newspapers to publish online, in 1996.
During the course of the Camera’s long history, we’ve been owned by entrepreneurs, families, and corporations. But our heart and soul have always belonged to this community.
Back in 1891, the Camera would have been reporting on the new Boulder Railroad Depot. Just four months ago, that same building opened as a new restaurant in the Boulder Junction development. The Camera helps you keep up on what’s new, even when the old becomes new again.
We will always be your No. 1 local news source. It’s a point of pride with us.

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Colorado Daily’s April Fool’s edition: Prank you very much!

Did you hear that our sister publication the Colorado Daily is going to be using drones to deliver their newspapers on the University of Colorado campus? Just fooling. (Yes, we’re getting into the April Fool’s Day spirit here.)
This much is really really true: the crew at the Colorado Daily are putting in extra hours to create their annual April Fool’s Day edition. It’s an all-for-fun satire that pokes good natured fun at local CU and Boulder news. Watch for it on Friday, April 1 (of course).
The Colorado Daily’s April Fool’s edition is one of the most popular and best-read editions of the year, and for good reason.
Check out the juicy news bits about local life that are too good to be true, but sometimes you’re just not sure.
Last year we turned the laughs up to 11, and since none of the neighbors complained, we’re dialing it up to… that’s right… 12!
Advertisers, you are invited to join in on the tomfoolery with a fun ad in the Colorado Daily April Fool’s Day edition.
Call 303.473.1400 by Mon., March 28 to reserve your space.

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