Join our Street Team of college brand ambassadors

Are you a self-motivated, high energy type of person with an outgoing personality?
We are looking for some rock stars to join our team of college brand ambassadors.
You’ll be our feet on the street, helping us increase brand awareness and engagement through student outreach, word of mouth and on-campus guerrilla tactics at CU-Boulder and Boulder events.
The first opportunity is coming right up: the CU Boulder Welcome Back Expo, Friday, Aug. 19 and Monday-Friday Aug. 22 through Aug. 26. Hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
You will be greeting Expo attendees and distributing products and premium schwag (everyone likes free schwag!).
Our brand ambassadors often work outdoors and this will require some walking, standing and carrying supplies. Your responsibilities may also include minimal set up and tear down. Other duties may be assigned on site.
You will need your own transportation to events. You’ll earn $13 an hour.
If you are interested in joining our team, submit your resume, a recent photo, and your availability throughout the week to

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At Home Realtor Profiles boost your brand every week

If you are a local Realtor, you have probably seen At Home Colorado. At Home presents engaging content about homes, from buying and selling to improvement, landscaping and design. Now you have a chance to be seen in the magazine, with At Home Realtor Profiles.
• Your profile will appear at
• You will receive a monthly 2×2 print ad and a monthly post in the feed on At Home Colorado’s Facebook page.
• Your digital ad rotates daily with other featured Realtors and links to your profile on
At Home is featured online at and has two print zones. The Boulder/Longmont zone publishes in the Friday Daily Camera and Saturday Times-Call, reaching 84,000 local adults each week. The Loveland zone publishes in the Saturday Reporter-Herald and Fort Collins zone of the Sunday Reporter-Herald, delivering 43,400 weekly impressions.
We are offering our Realtor ad partners this high-visibility, targeted marketing package for just $50 per month. This is an amazing value.
To reserve your space, contact Toni McNeill at 303.473.1452.

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The power of word-of-mouth marketing

It’s hard to beat the power of word-of-mouth marketing. We value the great testimonials that we get from our advertising partners and I am proud to share them.
Now it’s my turn to give a personal shout out to one of our local advertisers.
I dropped my smartphone several months ago and shattered the glass. I’ve had no time to get the phone repaired, but finally I got tired of looking at that cracked screen.
I called Full Cycle Cellular, who had recently joined our ranks of advertising partners. We’re thrilled to be helping them with their digital marketing strategies. Full Cycle buys and sells pre-owned cell phones, and they also do mobile device repair. Bingo.
Full Cycle Cellular brought their mobile repair service directly to me. Their service was fabulous and quick. They called me to schedule the appointment, called to confirm and they were on time. In less than 15 minutes, my phone was repaired!
I’d like to thank my new friends at Full Cycle. Please put them in your contact list. I highly recommend them!

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Help send local students to school, ready to learn

It has been heartwarming to see the response so far to the annual Crayons to Calculators campaign!
The goal of this event is to provide over 10,000 full backpacks to local students who cannot afford the basic supplies they need to succeed in school. The cost of even the basic necessary school supplies is easily over $75.
There are over 15,000 students from economically challenged families in the Boulder Valley School District and St. Vrain Valley School District.
Crayons to Calculators has donated over 200,000 pencils, 38,000 pens (and more glue sticks than you’d care to count).
Can you help? You can donate a backpack. Go to the website at, download the school supplies list and help fill up the backpacks. Or you can even volunteer at one of our two backpack-stuffing facilities, in Boulder and Longmont.
With your help, we are sending students to school this fall who are equipped and ready to learn!

Watch for updates.

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Digital readership boosts newspapers’ reach

The Camera delivers local news and information every day to an engaged readership. Many readers still prefer a traditional paper newspaper. Daily online editions are also delivered to thousands of “digital driveways across Boulder County.
Newpaper digital content is reaching more readers than ever. In August 2015, newspaper digital content reached 179 million adults, growing from 164 million in just one year. Half of these readers are accessing news sites from a mobile device (this audience also grew by 42 percent in one year).
A sustained increase in the use of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, has vastly broadened the reach of newspaper digital media. Locally, that means that the Camera’s web sites, plus the web sites of all our sister publications, allows us to deliver daily news and advertising to a much larger audience than ever before.
If you are an advertiser, we’d love to talk to you about connecting online with your customers (and tomorrow’s customers).
Call 303.473.1400 to speak to a friendly, local digital advertising expert.

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Nielsen says: Newspaper political ads are more influential

The Newspaper Association of America reported in April on a survey by the Nielsen company on the role that newspapers play in the local political landscape. Just as studies have shown that regular newspaper readers are more actively engaged in their community than non-readers, this group is also more involved in politics – and voting.
Findings from the survey noted that newspapers provide powerful non-fragmented reach of registered voters.
Newspapers reach is significant through traffic to their websites and news apps.
Political advertising in newspapers is an efficient way to reach those who are most likely to vote.
The NAA also reports that newspapers are also strong at reaching local opinion leaders, who consume newspaper content and then discuss politics with their less-knowledgeable friends. These people are twice as likely as others to read political newspaper advertising.
Newspapers were also shown to be influential on those who make up their minds three or more weeks before the election.
In fact, newspapers outperformed other forms of local politcial advertising on nearly every measure.
Place your vote by calling our expert ad team at 303.473.1400.

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Coupons are on the menu at Doug’s Day Diner

Everyone loves a good deal. That’s one of the main reasons coupons are so popular with consumers. A dollar saved is a dollar earned, right? If you are an advertiser, you may already know how  effective they can be in bringing first-time customers.
When Rick and Linda, owners of Doug’s Day Diner in Boulder, wanted to boost their business, they got in touch with the  Camera. Doug’s Day Diner had just won both Best Breakfast and Best Diner categories in the Colorado Daily’s CU & Boulder’s Best. (Their Tex-Mex versions of breakfast burritos, omelettes, burgers and sandwiches are pretty tempting.) It was time to capitalize on their success with a promotion.
Rick and Linda told me that they had gotten no response from ads they had placed in other coupon books and magazines. Doug’s Day Diner began running coupons in the Camera and the Colorado Daily for two-for-one entrees.
Rick and Linda were thrilled with their campaign. They’ve had an incredible response and business tripled. Every time the ad with the coupon runs, they get another bump in business.” Sound good? Call us at 303.473.1400 to speak to our friendly ad team.

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Seizing the opportunity is a blooming good idea

We’ve heard the admonition to “seize the day” so we don’t snooze and lose an opportunity. This is certainly true in the dynamic world of  advertising.
When Camera multi-media consultant Lauren Murray heard about a rare summer cover slot open in the Camera’s weekend At Home section, she thought it would be a perfect fit for one of her favorite clients.
Murray reached out to Gwynne Owen, owner of Gwynne’s Greenhouse and Gardenshoppe, who liked the idea, too. Located just east of Lyons at the intersection of highways 66 and 36, Gwynne’s Greenhouse is a popular (and colorful) destination for gardening fans.
“Wow, Lauren, the ad rocked!” Gwynne says. “We were crazy busy beginning Friday with almost every other customer shopping because they saw the ad and read the article. (Customers came in) from Boulder, Louisville, Longmont, Berthoud – even Denver. Glad you snagged the opportunity for me!”
Let us help you make your business bloom, too! Call 303.473.1400 to speak to a friendly ad consultant.

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Search marketing plus online display = 22% lift

Our multi-media consultants have a full set of print and online advertising options in their toolbox. They can help you identify the placement and strategies to reach your advertising goals.
For instance, pairing search marketing with online display ads has been shown to return a 22 percent lift in conversions over using search alone.
Search marketing lets you capture the attention of online shoppers at the moment they are researching your (or your competitor’s) products and services.
Online shoppers expect leading brands to show up on the top of their search results. These local searchers are your target audience. The Camera’s search marketing services can help your brand get Page One results.
Targeted online display advertising grows awareness of your brand and drives additional traffic to your site.
In a world of questionable online sources, newspaper websites are known, trusted local commodities. We have complete digital packages that deliver millions of monthly impressions.
Call our multi-media consultants at 303.473.1400.

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Our social marketing campaigns really do work

I’m a believer. Our social marketing campaigns really do work! I was on my Facebook page recently when an ad for Colorado Tree Care appeared in my daily feed.
Now, I knew that the ad was delivered to me because I fit the profile for someone who might need professional tree services. In other words, I was in the target demographic. Perhaps it was my zip code, or that fact that I’m a homeowner.
As it turns out, I’m exactly the type of person Colorado Tree Care wanted to reach. I have some trees that need attention, so I contacted them to remove several dead aspens and some dead branches on my maple trees.
I’m just one consumer among thousands in Boulder County, but this kind of targeted ad serving goes on every second of every day. And the flexibility you have with searching for just the right customers is amazing.
Our in-house social marketing experts can help you use social media to connect with your most-likely-to-purchase customers at an attractive ROI. We can target lifestyles, interests, household income, geography and much more.
Call our social marketing team at 303.473.1400 to learn more.

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